Jaguar Hills, Nosara - Lot #11 | 1.1 Acres
Rio Montaña, Guanacaste Province, Península de Nicoya, Costa Rica.
Price: $450,000 USD
Jaguar Hills, Nosara - Lot #11 | 1.1 Acres


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47,916 sq ft
47,916 sq ft


Presenting ocean view Lot #11 at Jaguar Hills, Nosara – an exceptional opportunity to immerse yourself in the epitome of coastal living, now on an even grander scale. Encompassing a generous expanse of 1.1 acres, this premier residential lot, nestled within the serene sanctuary of Jaguar Hills, invites you to embrace a lifestyle defined by exclusivity and the innate beauty of nature.

Perched elegantly within the private enclave of Jaguar Hills, Lot #11 stands as an enchanting masterpiece, elevated to provide an awe-inspiring perspective. From this elevated vantage point, the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean unfurls in all its majestic splendor – a breathtaking panorama that welcomes you each morning as the waves serenade your senses and the sunrise bathes the horizon in a golden embrace.

This canvas of land serves as your portal to manifest your architectural dreams into reality. Envision an opulent retreat where modern design seamlessly melds with the lush tropical surroundings. The gentle undulations of the terrain offer opportunities for imaginative landscaping, terraced gardens, and outdoor living spaces that harmoniously merge with the panoramic ocean backdrop.

Lot #11 extends to you not just a piece of land, but an immersive community experience centered around tranquility and seclusion, while ensuring effortless access to Nosara’s finest offerings. Whether you’re crafting a permanent residence or a vacation haven, this lot caters to your desires, inviting you to realize a home that mirrors your aspirations. With ample space to incorporate amenities and luxuries, this presents an opportunity to define the essence of refined coastal living.

As daylight fades, relish in the privilege of capturing mesmerizing sunsets from your very own sanctuary. Immerse yourself in the kaleidoscope of colors that gracefully dance across the sky, infusing the landscape with profound serenity. Every moment spent here beckons you to embrace life’s most extraordinary experiences, framed by the symphony of nature and the meticulous design of your residence.

Embrace the chance to claim your haven at Lot #11, Jaguar Hills, and become an integral part of an exclusive community that wholeheartedly celebrates the exceptional. Your future amidst Nosara’s stunning vistas and boundless possibilities awaits – an opportunity as vast and inspiring as the ocean that stretches before you.



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