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Mortgages For
USA Citizens,
Non-Residents in Costa Rica

Mortgage Loans:

    1. 30 Years Fixed Rate
    2. 30 Years Construction Loan
    3. Adjustable-Rate Loan 30/7
    4. Lot Developed Loan 3/30

Mortgage Terms:

  • Estimated Interest: 7.875% p.a.
  • Loan to Value Starting: 75%
  • Loan Origination Fee: 2%
  • Fast Processing by USA lender

* Actual terms will vary

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First USA based lender  providing mortgages for non-residents in Costa Rica!

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Because helping people to find their new dream home in the tropical paradise feels so great!!
We love to explore and visit new real estate properties in any places in the world but especially in the tropical paradise of Costa Rica. Finding new gems of luxury properties, showing them to our clients and then follow with them in their new lives simply does feels amazing.
And that’s why we  do it!

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