Why Guanacaste, Costa Rica

You may wonder, why I chose Guanacaste for my life and business and why I feel so great about this place. So I would like to share few points which led me to that decision and why I love it so much here. Perhaps it will help you to decide where to buy your home in Costa Rica:

Primary, it is the pristine, sparsely populated Pacific Ocean coastline where villages and small communities blends with spectacular natural sceneries and where peaceful green hills oversee ocean’s bays with beautiful, large, small, and sometimes hidden beaches. Many of the evening sunsets are simply breathtaking, and it’s hard to avoid the word paradise when I am describing it to my friends abroad.

Another important aspect for me is the happiness and genuine friendliness of the local people. They seem to reflect the calm and peaceful character of the local nature. They will always smile at you and from my personal experience, they are always kind and helpful, not because they expect anything in return, but simply because of their pure human happy heart, from the collaborative human nature, which is thankfully still present here. On several occasions, I was offered a drink or shared peace of snack while on the beach or in the mountains and people were genuinely interested in a conversation with me, to exchange our stories, our life views. It was always very pleasant. In my opinion, it is for these reasons this area belongs to the so-called ‘Blue Zone’, i.e. to one of the few places on earth where people are statistically living much longer compare to other places.

From the investment timing perspective, we are now seeing many large projects for vacation resorts, hotels, residential and industrial developments starting across the entire province. This reflects the fact that Guanacaste is strongly growing in tourist & expat popularity and experiencing robust commercial and industrial growth. The Costa Rican and local governments are strongly supporting this growth – for example by initiating the expansion of the international airport in Liberia in 2012 and 2017, the airport is now growing in the annual transported passage ret of 19%, or by lowering the minimum capital investment needed to obtain Costa Rican’s residency from $200,000 to $150,000. Overall, we really see lots of activities around here.

Continually increasing number of vacation travels are pushing the accommodation rates in hotels and private short-term rentals higher each year. This will make the investment into the new house viable from long term (appreciation) as well as short term perspective, as it can quickly start generating positive cashflow. If you are a number driven person, please ask me for short term rental trend report, showing ~72% of annual utilization in Playas Del Coco and Papagayo Peninsula area which I would be happy to share