Finca Morado: Costa Rica's Premier Coffee Paradise and Vacation Haven
Morado, District 3° Tabarcia, Cantón 7° Mora, Provincia 1° San José, Costa Rica
Price: $678,000 USD
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General Description

The farm is a sprawling expanse dedicated entirely to cultivating coffee, boasting an array of meticulously selected high-yield varieties. Over the past half-decade, every inch of this land has been meticulously planted with fresh coffee plants, ensuring a vibrant and thriving plantation. Among the diverse varieties thriving here are the esteemed Catigua MG-2, Paraíso, Marsellesa, Obatá, as well as the hybrid wonders like Hybrid H1 (known as L13A44 in some circles, originating from Central America) and Hybrid H10 (dubbed L12A28, hailed as a Milenium marvel).

Woven into the fabric of this coffee paradise are strategically planted trees, providing steadfast shade and a harmonious ecosystem. Eucalyptus trees stand tall alongside Erythrinas and Sabana Oaks, their collective canopy creating a serene and conducive environment for coffee growth.

As for facilities, the farm harmoniously blends practicality with comfort. There’s a quaint yet functional overseer’s dwelling, providing a cozy abode amidst the verdant expanse. Adjacent to it, bays await the arrival of diligent coffee pickers, offering a sanctuary for rest and respite during their toilsome work.

Central to the farm’s operations is its coffee reception area, a bustling hub where the fruits of labor are collected and processed with care. Roads crisscrossing the terrain ensure seamless access for all agricultural activities, facilitating efficient practices and facilitating the crucial harvest of precious coffee beans.

In essence, this farm isn’t merely a patch of land; it’s a testament to meticulous planning, sustainable practices, and a deep-rooted passion for the art of coffee cultivation. Each element, from the choice of varietals to the layout of facilities, has been thoughtfully curated to nurture a thriving coffee ecosystem, yielding beans that embody the essence of this rich and storied land.

Property Potential

Beyond its present state as a thriving coffee plantation, this property holds untapped potential for transformation into picturesque vacation estates. Its allure lies not only in the recent enhancements made to the coffee fields but also in its strategic location. Nestled within close reach of San José, the bustling heart of Costa Rica, this land boasts a geographical advantage that sets it apart.

Moreover, its natural beauty is nothing short of captivating. From rolling hills to verdant valleys, the landscape exudes a sense of tranquility and charm that’s bound to enchant any visitor. What’s more, the property enjoys an extensive frontage along a public road, granting easy accessibility and enhancing its appeal to potential developers.

Imagine strolling through lush coffee fields in the morning, savoring the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, then venturing out to explore the surrounding wonders. Whether it’s hiking through scenic trails, indulging in water sports at nearby lakes, or simply immersing oneself in the rich culture of San José, the possibilities for recreation and relaxation are endless.

By leveraging its proximity to urban amenities, its natural splendor, and its accessibility, this property could easily be transformed into a sought-after destination for vacationers seeking solace amidst the beauty of Costa Rica’s countryside. With careful planning and thoughtful development, it has the potential to become a haven for travelers seeking respite from the rigors of everyday life.

The price of this farm, per hectare, would be $80,000 (eighty thousand dollars). The area is 8 hectares 4,753 square meters, for a total of $678,000 (six hundred seventy-eight thousand dollars).

Key Features

  1. Coffee Plantation: The farm boasts a meticulously maintained coffee plantation featuring high-yield, improved varieties such as Catigua MG-2, Paraíso, Marsellesa, Obatá, and Hybrid H1 & H10. All planted within the last five years, ensuring optimal productivity.
  2. Strategic Location: Situated in Morado, District 3° Tabarcia, Cantón 7° Mora, Provincia 1° San José, Costa Rica, the property enjoys proximity to San José, making it accessible for both agricultural activities and potential development projects.
  3. Scenic Beauty: The farm benefits from picturesque surroundings, offering scenic views and tranquil ambiance, ideal for leisure and relaxation.
  4. Large Frontage: With a substantial frontage along a public road, the property offers excellent accessibility, facilitating transportation and potential commercial endeavors.
  5. Shaded Plantation: Planted on contour lines, the coffee plantation benefits from permanent shade provided by strategically planted Eucalyptus trees, Erythrinas, Sabana Oaks, and other species, enhancing the growth conditions for coffee plants.
  6. Modern Facilities: The property features essential facilities including a residence for the overseer, bays for coffee pickers, a designated coffee reception area, and well-maintained roads for agricultural operations and harvest logistics.
  7. Development Potential: Beyond its current agricultural use, the property holds significant potential for development into vacation estates, leveraging its prime location, natural beauty, and accessibility to San José.
  8. Recent Improvements: With recent improvements to the coffee plantation, the property presents a turnkey opportunity for investors seeking a ready-to-operate agricultural venture or development project.
  9. Total Area and Price: Spanning 8 hectares and 4,753 square meters, the property is offered at a competitive price of $678,000, translating to $80,000 per hectare, making it an attractive investment opportunity.


San José, Costa Rica

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of San José Province are its famed coffee farms, which contribute to the region’s rich cultural tapestry and agricultural heritage. These sprawling plantations, adorned with rows of coffee plants, paint the hillsides with shades of green, offering a glimpse into Costa Rica’s renowned coffee culture.

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafts through the air, enticing visitors to delve deeper into the world of coffee production. Here, amidst the lush foliage, travelers can witness the meticulous process of coffee cultivation, from planting and harvesting to roasting and packaging. Guided tours of the coffee farms provide a fascinating insight into the intricacies of coffee production, allowing visitors to learn about the different varieties of coffee beans and the techniques employed by local farmers.

Beyond the educational aspect, coffee farms in San José Province offer immersive experiences that engage all the senses. Visitors can indulge in coffee tastings, savoring the complex flavors and aromas of Costa Rican coffee, renowned for its smoothness and richness. Some farms even offer hands-on workshops where guests can try their hand at roasting their own beans, gaining a deeper appreciation for the craft of coffee making.

Moreover, these coffee farms serve as hubs of community and sustainability, supporting local economies and promoting eco-friendly practices. Many farms prioritize organic farming methods and environmental conservation, striving to preserve the natural beauty of the land for generations to come.

For travelers seeking a deeper connection with the land and its people, a visit to the coffee farms of San José Province offers a truly enriching experience. It’s a chance to not only savor the world-class coffee produced in Costa Rica but also to immerse oneself in the traditions, culture, and warm hospitality of the region. In the embrace of the rolling hills and verdant valleys, amidst the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, visitors can forge lasting memories and discover the soul of San José’s coffee country.



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