Vistara Lot 52 - Rivergrand, Escazu
Rivergrand, San José Province, Escazu, Costa Rica
Price: $145,000 USD
Vistara Lot 52 - Rivergrand, Escazu | 292 m2 - modern luxury house


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Year built
0 sq ft
3,150 sq ft
3,150 sq ft


Discover the opportunity of a lifetime with Vistara Lot 52, where your dream modern luxury house can become a reality. Nestled within the picturesque Vistara Condominium, this 292 m² lot is your canvas to create a personalized masterpiece.


Key Features:

Personalization: Unleash your creativity! Craft a home that reflects your unique style and needs. Customize layouts, materials, and ambiance to match your vision.
Long-Term Savings: Invest wisely! Building your own home means energy-efficient choices, leading to reduced maintenance and energy costs over time.
Prime Location: Enjoy the convenience of living just 1.5 km from Escazu Village. Vistara’s desirable location offers accessibility, panoramic views, and essential services.
Appreciation Potential: Secure your financial future! As Vistara thrives and gains popularity, your property’s value is set to appreciate.
Personal Experience: Be the architect of your happiness! Engage in the decision-making process, collaborate with experts, and watch your dream home come to life.

Amenities Within Reach:

  • With extraordinary views of the mountains of Escazu.
  • Bar, food and catering service area accessible with the Vistara App.
  • social room
  • Children’s play area.
  • Gym for individual or group activities.
  • Profitable Co-Working mini offices per day.
  • Adult pool, children’s pool.
  • Multipurpose court for individual sports, with friends or competitions.
  • Extraordinary gardens with area for weddings, parties and events.
  • Meditation Center in the gardens.
  • Visitor parking.
  • BBQ area
  • Pet area


Vistara Lot 52 is Your Canvas for Dream Living!

More than a piece of land, it’s your gateway to a life you’ve always imagined. Build your dream modern luxury house, invest wisely, and become part of the thriving Vistara community. Your journey to personalized, ideal living begins here.



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Zuzana Vanek, Owner and Founder of World Luxury Realty

Realtor: Zuzana Vanek

Licensed Realtor in USA

Zuzana and her team put hearts and souls into the real estate business and very proactive and enthusiastic. Most of our clients appreciate us for offering them patience, dedication and the extra effort we most gratefully provide to all of our customers.

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