Valle Escondido: Tamarindo's Newest Gated Community
C. San Javier, Villareal, Provincia de Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Price: $64,483 USD
Valle Escondido: Tamarindo's Newest Gated Community


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2,765 sq ft
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Come and discover the peaceful beauty of Valle Escondido, Tamarindo’s newest private community. You can live the ultimate tropical lifestyle here, just 5 minutes away from the famous white sand beach of Tamarindo, which is a popular tourist destination. This community offers 24-hour security and well-maintained paved roads for easy living. Plus, the local airport is only 1,300 feet away, and the international airport in Liberia is just a quick 45-minute drive, making travel hassle-free.

You’ll love the convenience of living near shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants, and other useful services. There’s a variety of lot sizes available, ranging from $64,483 to $200,668. Alternatively, you can choose one of the three stunning 3-bedroom homes, which have 1940 sq. ft, a pool, and start at $480,000.

This is an incredible opportunity to make Valle Escondido your own paradise home, so don’t miss out!

Lots Available with Area Size and Prices:

Lot F2 376.89m2 $104,474
Lot F3 471.13m2 $118,159
Lot F4 595.94m2 $137,662
Lot F5 640.00m2 $135,168
Lot F6 610.00m2 $128,832
Lot F7 618.00m2 $130,522
Lot F8 524.59m2 $121,181
Lot F9 488.00m2 $103,066
Lot F10 353.00m2 $81,544
Lot F12 287.00m2 $79,556
Lot F14 360.00m2 $90,288
Lot F18 435.79m2 $200,668
Lot F19 462.03m2 $106,729
Lot F22 272.49m2 $75,534
Lot F23 266.24m2 $73,801
Lot F33 325.00m2 $81,510
Lot F35 257.11m2 $64,483
Lot F36 683.00m2 $135,234
Lot F37 567.69m2 $127,390
Lot F38 319.00m2 $77,900
Lot F39 317.00m2 $77,412
Lot F40 290.00m2 $74,646
Lot F41 280.00m2 $68,376
Lot F42 259.97m2 $72,064
Lot F43 567.66m2 $131,130
Lot F44 488.00m2 $135,274
Lot F48 435.00m2 $91,872
Lot F49 641.00m2 $156,533
Lot F50 830.00m2 $169,818
Lot F51 560.00m2 $114,576
Lot F53 376.00m2 $99,264




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Realtor: Zuzana Vanek


Licensed Realtor in USA

Zuzana and her team put hearts and souls into the real estate business and very proactive and enthusiastic. Most of our clients appreciate us for offering them patience, dedication and the extra effort we most gratefully provide to all of our customers.

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