Renaissance Charm at Finca El Santo: A 16th-Century Spanish Estate
Aldea del Fresno, Madrid, Spain
Price: $19,300,000 USD
Finca El Santo's 16th-Century Spanish Estate Charm


Property type:
Development Land



Year built
46,285 sq ft
107,541,200 sq ft
107,541,200 sq ft


We take immense pride in presenting to you the exceptional Finca El Santo Domain, an unparalleled masterpiece with roots reaching back to the heart of the 16th century. This remarkable estate was originally commissioned by none other than King Felipe II himself, meticulously crafted for both agricultural and hunting pursuits intricately connected to the Spanish Crown and the illustrious Monastery of El Escorial. Across the centuries, it has silently borne witness to the ebbs and flows of history, transitioning from the stewardship of the Monastery of El Escorial to the eminent lineage of the Marquis of Martínez de Campos. The very name of this estate, El Santo, traces its origins to a 14th-century hermitage dedicated to San Saturnino, weaving an intricate tapestry of historical significance.

Encompassing an awe-inspiring expanse of 1,058 hectares, Finca El Santo Domain comprises two officially registered domains. This sprawling property harmoniously marries fertile plains, undulating hills, and lush pastures. Within its bounds, you’ll find a meticulously maintained network of 18 kilometers of interior roads, ensuring effortless access to the many storied and agricultural edifices gracing its landscape. A vigilant perimeter of fencing and delineation guarantees both privacy and security throughout this expansive domain.

Nestled in the southwestern reaches of the Community of Madrid, a mere 40 kilometers from the bustling heart of the capital, this estate occupies an enviable position. Conveniently located with Casarrubios private Airport a mere 20 minutes away and Cuatro Vientos Airport within a 30-minute drive, it straddles the municipalities of Aldea del Fresno, Chapinería, and Navas del Rey, striking a harmonious balance between accessibility to essential amenities and an idyllic sense of seclusion.

Accessing Finca El Santo Domain is a breeze, facilitated by two meticulously maintained entrances. The primary point of entry is via the M-510 road, connecting Aldea del Fresno to Chapineria, a mere 3 kilometers from Aldea del Fresno. A secondary access route originates in Navas del Rey, commencing from the bullring via the Camino del Santo.

The architectural ensemble within Finca El Santo Domain is nothing short of breathtaking, boasting 13 buildings with a collective built area spanning approximately 4,300 square meters. Among these, two prominent features command attention:

Herrerian-style Hermitage: Dating back to the mid-14th century, this hermitage stands as an invaluable historical treasure, officially cataloged as an Asset of Historical Interest and thoughtfully integrated for modern-day use.

Palace House: A stunning 16th-century marvel conceived by the hand of Juan de Herrera, the esteemed architect of King Felipe II’s court. This palace offers a generous 1,000 square meters of living space and holds the distinction of being listed as an Asset of Regional Artistic Historical Interest.
With 85.22 hectares dedicated to organic olive groves, boasting a remarkable 7,140 olive trees, 56.80 hectares allocated to traditional rainfed cereal cultivation, and an additional 3.73 hectares set aside for irrigated arable land, the estate offers a multitude of agricultural opportunities. These lands not only serve as a source of sustenance but also provide vital sustenance for the diverse game species that call this property home, rendering it a true haven for hunting enthusiasts. A robust hunting plan is firmly in place, nurturing a thriving population of deer, wild boar, roe deer, mouflon, fallow deer, and a bounty of small game, some of which present the possibility of coveted trophies.
It represents a unique opportunity for those who seek to own a slice of Spain’s rich heritage and enjoy the tranquil beauty of its countryside. This estate invites you to write the next chapter in its storied history, where the past meets the present in a timeless embrace.



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