Lot 89 in El Prado, Las Catalinas: 325.60m2 with Ocean View
Las Catalinas, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Price: $575,000 USD
Lot 89 in El Prado, Las Catalinas: 325.60m2 with Ocean View


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3,505 sq ft


Introducing Lot 89, a stunning 325.6m2 lot in El Prado, the second phase of development in Las Catalinas, Costa Rica. With a price tag of $575,000 USD, this lot offers breathtaking ocean views and has a pre-approved building footprint of 494.3m2, providing ample space to build a custom home and guest house.

Lot 89’s prime location directly in front of the park offers easy parking access and permission to build a garage on the property. Moreover, El Prado is set to finish infrastructure in June 2023, offering a wide variety of residential and commercial options, including charming pedestrian side streets, beautiful facades, world-class amenities, balconies, dramatic hillside views, and a grand Parque Central with soccer fields and pedestrian stair streets, reminiscent of the coastal Mediterranean.

Las Catalinas, a new beach town on the Guanacaste coast, was designed to create a healthy, sustainable, fulfilling, and fun way of life. This beautiful town boasts a range of properties, including houses, shops, restaurants, small hotels and inns, plazas, parks, and recreational facilities, all arranged to create a series of wonderful, walkable public spaces interwoven with nature. The architecture is adapted for outdoor living, and motorized vehicles are refreshingly absent.

Las Catalinas is embraced by over 1,000 acres of tropical dry forest, with spectacular hills and valleys that provide extensive hiking and biking opportunities. The town is also home to two of the finest beaches in Costa Rica, offering great swimming, stand-up paddle-boarding, kayaking, boogie-boarding, and snorkeling. Additionally, Las Catalinas is located 45 minutes from the international Liberia Airport and is close to private schools, restaurants, other beaches, and the brand new Flamingo Marina, only 15 minutes away.

Experience the best of both worlds with Lot 89 in Las Catalinas, where you can wake up to stunning ocean views and indulge in the pleasures of a quaint European-looking town in a tropical setting.

Take Note of the location: El Prado is in the second phase of Las Catalinas. The Second Phase of Las Catalinas is a larger area than a single point, so it doesn’t have a specific set of GPS coordinates. However, the Second Phase is located north of the original Las Catalinas town, adjacent to Playa Danta. The approximate GPS coordinates for Playa Danta are 10.4492° N, 85.7796° W (10.449200, -85.779600)



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