Casino City Caribe, Costa Rica's Soul
Price: $37,000,000 USD
Investment Opportunity - Royal Caribe Beach Resort


Property type:
Development Land, Commercial


Year built
0 sq ft
2,113,683 sq ft
2,113,683 sq ft



The vision of the Casino City Caribe project is a Casino Residential Resort like a “Mini Las Vegas” with the attributes of a full-service all-inclusive resort in Costa Rica like a “Club Med”. This investment opportunity allows investors or developers to earn the benefits because this will be an added anchor project for tourists, locals as well as all of Costa Rica’s population. It is close to the existing Limon International airport as well as well positioned for the proposed local airport in Matina. Because of its waterfront location on both sides’ water taxis can be an efficient transportation mode for the workers and executives involved in mega projects.

Casino City Caribe is located in the area designated for MEGA infrastructure projects of over US$5.2 Billion. It is a unique opportunity as a whole investment opportunity package as it is the only permitted major project in the area to meet the demands of accommodations, homes, and entertainment for the projected employment of over 5000 local and ex-pats over ten years and during the construction stage of 1500 over next three years.

Moreover, each of the seven developing Costa Rica properties including three Casino Hotel properties is a separate entity by way of corporate ownership. The Costa Rica Investment properties are all titled, the master plan approved and entitlements issued. The properties are at present in green-field status ( Ground-Up development) with approvals and permits; and preliminary design (Ante-Projecto) in place. Additionally, the next step for a developer is to go for a detailed design, construction permit, and construction. Hotel, Casino, Marina management, Brands, and Flags are open to their choice to the Buyer / Acquisition party.

To clarify planned resort development is composed of seven approved projects including 3 hotels (264-bed rooms), Marina (50-100 slips), Casinos (3 anchors & 7 boutiques), waterfront apartments (219 units), vacation/ second homes/Lots (191 homes/Lots), Commercial center, Conference Center (575 people), Wellness center/SPA, Business Center, Entertainment Complex.


Is totally worth it to say that Costa Rica has its name thanks to the Caribbean Coast. The Caribbean region is without a doubt a diamond in the rough. It has incredible flora and fauna, and access by land and water. It has 2 local airports and is only 2 hours from San José.

One of the most important and modern terminals is located in Moín, Guanacaste, which opened 4 years ago and is undoubtedly the best in the country. In addition, there is another cruise-ship terminal, both in total with over 200 sailings a year, especially during Nov to May dry summer weather period when 2 or more cruise-ships arrive a day with a privilege of 3-day lay-over in the Limon area.

The beaches of Casino City Caribe have crystal clear waters, and the vegetation is exuberant. Also, in the Tortuguero and Barra de Colorado parks, there is a large concentration of animals and they are known for the arrival of turtles to lay their eggs. The sand of the beaches of the coast is of all colors (black, white, and gray). The vast majority of these beaches, such as Cahuita and Gandoca-Manzanillo, are protected areas with public access, so they are preserved in an incredible state.

Adding that the area has a great history of Afro-Costa Rican and Chinese culture. So the customs, the colors, and the food add a lot of value to the experience in the area. Including annual carnivals in October to celebrate the meeting of cultures.


Certainly the total package of seven approved projects of “investment in Costa Rica”, with properties and Approval,
Licenses, Permits obtained to date are offered at US$37. M (“As Is” terms).


Financial projections are made with conservative data and at a moderate rate of
market absorption using government-supplied & available statistics.

Projections for an 8-year development program: (In US$, Millions)

Projected Construction costs: 208.0
Total Development Budget: 249.0
Projected Build Value: 283.0
Value at Projected Retail: 396.0

Projected ROI: 18% to 24%; Average for all projects is 21%.
Projected EBITDA: 36% to 48%; Average for all projects 44%.

Investment Opportunity Projects, Descriptions, Approvals, Permits, Sale Price, and Land Area

Approved Hotel Marina Casino Project ready for construction stage, with a casino license. Titled Land to 50-meter inalienable zone$ 5.5 M143,634
ROYAL CARIBE (Five-Star Hotel)Oceanfront Hotel Conference Center, Casino, SPA, Disco; project with plans, titled property to 50-meter inalienable zone, with a Casino license.$ 8.5 M210,079
AMAPOLA LODGE (Three Star)Beachfront titled property approved for 36 rooms Hotel Casino Tourist center, Casa Club, commercial, Bar, restaurant and some construction underway. Casino License issued.$ 3.6 M50,096
VILLAS ROYAL CARIBEBeachfront titled property approved for 99 apartment units, Commercial center, property titled to 50-meter inalienable zone.$ 3.2 M.97,098
VILLAS ROYAL TORTUGUEROWaterfront titled property to 50-meter inalienable zone approved for 128 units apartments.$ 3.6 M.143,134
MAR CARIBE RESORT ESTATESApproved and registered plan for 80 vacation home lots, with an individual title for each Lot.$ 4.8 M.494,981
COSTA DEL SOLApproved and registered plan for 80 vacation home lots, with an individual title for each Lot.$ 3.2 M.410,279
VILLAGE CENTERTitled Land reserved for Village Center for commercial, cultural, and entertainment facilities. Zoned for tourism projects.$ 3.6 M.400,272
MCDCTitled land available adjacent to the Royal Tortuguero project is for expansion or for vacation homes project.$ 1.4 M.79,408
MCRETitled land available adjacent to Villas Royal Tortuguero project for expansion or vacation homes.$ 1.4 M.84,702
TOTALSTitled land to 50 meters zone, approx. 18 HA, Improvements done to date, Zoning, Master Plans & Permits done to date, includes Three Casino Licenses, Bar/ Liquor Licenses, For sale in “As Is” condition$ 38.8 M2,113,683 SQ FEET



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